The Procurement Management Process

Write a paper presenting a complete procurement management process for equipping a high school computer laboratory. You can build on the previous works such as case studies and critical essays, which are related to “equipping a high school computer laboratory to complete the paper. 1)  Use your introduction to summarize and define your topic, including a clear statement of the procurement goal.2)  The body of the paper must include, a discussion of the implications of proposed solutions for procurement and contracts, and your evaluation.3)  Conclusions regarding possible methods of managing or addressing the problem your opinion on the issues raised—supported by research. Please, include the following sections in your paper: I. Requirements – Planning the procurementII. Requisitions – Conducting the procurementIII. Solicitations – Requesting seller responseIV. Awards – Selecting sellersV. AdministrationVI. Contracts, Incentives and RisksVII. Quality and Closure.Your paper should be 8-10 pages in length, well written, and formatted in APA style and cite at least six resources.

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