resort management

1. Recognizing that increased demands on people’s time has led to shortened vacation durations, resort management has (Points : 1)  backed off on new development of resorts due to the decrease in demand  attempted to accommodate this trend by offering shorter stay packages  lobbied for required vacation duration laws  continued on without seeing a need to change 2. Benefit segmentation is the process (Points : 1)  by which resort management determines the benefits to offer its employees in their compensation package  of grouping customers into clusters which best benefit the resort  of grouping customers into clusters based on the personal benefits they are seeking from a resort  least likely to be used in resort management 3. Resorts can be used as modern agents of change and encourage employment, growth, and confidence when (Points : 1)  there is enough capitalization at the start of the development  government policies and financing has aided resort development  the local residents enthusiastically support the resort  they are located on public land like national parks 4. Resorts are playing a larger role in national tourism plans because (Points : 1)  of increased government oversight  they have banded together and formed a large lobbying group  resorts have approached governments for assistance in reacting to outside competition  they have the capacity to attract and hold international and domestic tourist 5. A recent trend in resorts is (Points : 1)  “new skills” resorts which provide instruction for customers to learn a new skill  selling off rooms as time share investments  outsourcing all but customer service jobs  a reduction in the need for “rest and relaxation” resorts 6. Which of the following is NOT considered a method for using benefit segmentation? (Points : 1)  More convenience  More and far better service  A membership benefits program  A typical service guarantee  7. Increases in discretionary income and time have led to a time of special interest demands from resort customers. This has in turn created (Points : 1)  additional strategic planning opportunities for managers  increased demand for privacy  a global market for specialized niche resorts  increased accounting demands 8. Market diversification is a strategy in which resorts open up locations in different markets. (Points : 1)  True  False 9. One study which researched offsetting seasonality issues found that (Points : 1)  the need to offset these issues is minimal  offsetting these issues is not fiscally possible  a combination of strategies is often the most desirable management response  focusing on a single response strategy is often the most desirable management response 10. When a resort has clear title and absolute ownership of its land, it is no longer restricted in its development by various government laws and regulations. (Points : 1)  True  False

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