Interpersonal Professional Communications

Discuss the following: Select one of the scenarios. Using the information from the reading, discuss how an assertive person would communicate his/her message. Include an example of what the person would say, and a description of how the person would communicate the message.Scenarios:A. Terry is the head of her department at a mid-size medical office. A young lady who works for Terry has started coming to work late every day and is extremely moody. Terry needs to give the employee a verbal warning. If Terry was an assertive person, what would he say to the employee?B. Joanne is a new employee in the healthcare clinic. She is trying to concentrate on some important work. However, a few of her co-workers are laughing and horsing around. Joanne needs to communicate to her workers what she needs them to do. If Joanne was assertive, what would she say to her co-workers.C. Javier, your manager, is always talking fast, and is known to interrupt your work to ask u questions about the projects. Today he walks up behind u when u r using the company phone for a personal call. ‘How much longer do u plan to be?’ What would an assertive person say to Javier?Directions:1. Read the 3 scenarios2. Select ONE scenario to discuss. 3. Looking at the link OhBjgPIE) to view a video on assertive.4.Think about what an assertive communicator would say to the audience (recipient). Post a description and a example of what the communicator would say.Grading: To receive full participation points, u must meet the following criteria:Content: Content of post and replies r relevant to the discussion question. Use of valid reference from reading/presentations/external sources.Syntax and Structure: No more than 2 errors in spelling/grammar/punctuation/capitalization. Posts r at least 1 paragraph in length. Paragraph comprised of least 5 complete sentences.Tone: Tone of post r objectives-based/professional/respectful/supportive/positive.

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