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This is a stage research paper like the other one.  Will you be able to help me with this one.  This one was assign to someone else and I have ran into the same problem.  Not getting the information on time.  Please let me know if you can help! Below is what have been completed this far and what is coming up due starting this Sunday Sept 15, 2013.Week 1 title page and topic rationale (already completed)Crisis Counseling rationale.docxWeek 2 Abstract and Annotated Bibliography (due Sunday Sept 15)Abstract and Annotated Bibliography Instructions.docx509 Title_Page_and_Topic_Rationale_Rubric.docxWeek 3Case Study (due Sunday Sep 29)Case Study Instructions for 509.docx509 Case Study Grading Rubric.docxWeek 4Final Paper (Due Sunday Oct 13)509 Final Paper Instructions-1.docx509 FP rubric.docx

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