Assignment: The key to a good descriptive essay are the details; the images that help the reader understand the event or situation described. The more information provided, the clearer the picture becomes. One method to create a picture for the reader is to provide descriptions using the 5 senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, smell.)For this assignment u will create a 5 paragraph descriptive essay on ONE of the following topics:1. Describe a memorable event in your childhood.2.Describe your favorite pet or animal.3. Describe your dream house or car.Directions to complete assignment:1. The essay criteria checklist.2.Select a topic3. Create an outline for 5 paragraph (introductory paragraph, 3 body paragraph and 1 concluding paragraph).4. Write the paragraphs to create a draft of the descriptive essay.5. Use the criteria checklist to revise the descriptive.Grading: To receive full participation points, u must meet the following criteria:Grading Criteria: essay meets criteria listed on checklist.Essay Structure:There are 5 paragraph in this essay.The essay begins with an introduction paragraph which includes a thesis statement.The essay has 3 body paragraphs that provide details/supporting information.The essay has a conclusion paragraph.Paragraph Structure:Each paragraph has at least 5 sentences.Every paragraph begins with atopic sentence.There are a least 3 middle sentences that provide details to support the topic sentence.The last sentence concludes the paragraph.Sentences in the Essay:All sentences are complete (include noun and verb; no fragments etc.)All sentences are complex(in addition to the noun and verb includes adjectives/adverb etc.)Sentences include details using the 5 senses (when applicable).Select details to intentionally point toward the mood or feeling u intend to create.Punctuation/Spelling:The first letter of each sentence is capitalized.Each sentence ends with a period, question mark, or exclamation mark.Sentences include commas, semi-colons, and/or colons within the sentences to connect ideas within a sentence and to separate clauses in a sentence.The essay is free of spelling errors.Format:The essay is double-spaced.The first sentence of each paragraph is indented.The font is Arial 12 point.

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