Employment Law– Case Analysis

The attachment including 5 cases. I need the detail analysis (each of them), so it means 5 analysis. Also, you need to use at least 2 sources, references.  And give someManagement Tips.  One page of the analysis, reference, and the mgt tips is OK in each case.there are some ppt and overview you need to use to analysis the casesCh 01, Overview.ppt Ch 02 – Emp Relationship.ppt Ch 03, Ovw of Emp Discrim.ppt Ch 04 – Recruitment.ppt Ch 06 – Employment Testing.ppt Ch 07 – Hiring & Promotion.ppt LESSON_1.doc here is an example , your work just likes this is ok. 1332.doc  analysis: XXXXXMGT TIPS:XXXXXREFERENCE:XXXX

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