Assistive Technology Interview

you will apply your knowledge of assistive technology and its benefit to individuals with special needs by interviewing an assistive technology specialist either in a public school setting (elementary/middle/ high), a therapy center (Sylvan, Huntington, speech and language therapy clinic), a private school, a federally funded center (Head Start, ARC, regional center), or another setting approved by your instructor.  Your interview can take place in person, over the phone, or through electronic correspondence. You will need to ask a minimum of 10 interview questions relating to assistive technology devices and their use to support students with individual needs. You must be sure to touch on each of the topics listed below and ensure that the interviewee provides a detailed response. Include follow up questions when appropriate.Choice of technology How it the technology implemented? Funding (Did they receive grants, or where did the funds come from? How were funds allocated?)Population served Who is impacted? (Is there a universal impact, or does it affect one student?) Incorporation into the curriculum How is training offered for the device(s)?How are the technology devices maintained? (What happens if one breaks?)Review likes and dislikes Do they have any way to track whether it is beneficial to student learning? If so, how? If not, why not and how could they? Interview Evaluation: Compile the responses from your technology representative and analyze the school’s application of assistive technology.  Prepare a presentation that evaluates your response to the interview questions and how the school supports students with disabilities using assistive technology.  You should also examine the strengths and weaknesses of your findings and make recommendations for the school to make continuous improvements in integrating students with disabilities using technology.  Finally, you will evaluate your interview practice and describe how you can apply what you have learned in your career to support working with students with disabilities.Organizing the Presentation: The presentation can be formatted using any of the previous options or resources shared during the course.  You may choose a video, document, narrated PowerPoint, blog or you may choose your own way of presenting your findings that is approved by your instructor.  You must incorporate at least two forms of media into your presentation including (but not limited to) images, audio, video, or web links.  Your assignment must be written at a graduate level using APA formatting (when possible) that thoroughly addresses each of the interview topics; however, due to the flexible option for presentation, there is no required page limit. When appropriate, a title page or slide must be included and proper APA citations must be used for any sources or reference pages.

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