9 Accounting Probelms to be Done by Saturday – Aug 17 – 10:00 pm EST

Hi, I need someone to do the following questions in one Microsoft Excel Worksheet by Aug 17. Excel worksheets have been provided for some questions: P10-1, P10-3, P10-8, P10-9, P11-1, P11-4, P11-7, P11-10, and P11-12.P10-1 and P10-3 Part 1.jpg P10-3 Part 2 and P10-4.jpeg P10-8 and P10-9.jpg Excel Sheet for P10-3 and P10-9.xlsx P11-1.jpg P11-4.jpeg P11-7.jpg Excel Sheet for P11-7.xlsxP11-10.jpeg P11-12 – Part 1.jpg P11-12 Part 2 – Top Problems.jpeg Please do it ASAP, with the correct answers but don’t make the answers too detailed since I don’t want my professor to get suspicious.

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