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15 Slide Power Point Presentation on Antarcticia  Part One: Demographics (at least 3 slides)  How long it has been a society/country, Population Size, Population Density, Population Pyramid, Average life expectancy, Average income, Internet Use, Religious Groups, Ethnic Groups, languages (can use charts). Part Two:Culture and Collective Behavior (at least 9 slides) Rituals, Ceremonies, Symbols, Traditions, Fashions, Trends, Expressions and material Culture-Weddings, Funerals, Birthdays, Other rites of passage, Holidays, Food, Clothing, Music, Art, Dance, etc. Part Three: Social Change ( at least 2 slides) Use at least 2 different sources, discuss at least 1 current event. Please provide the following details: Use 5 reliable sources In-text citations on every slide Bibliographic list at the end of at least 1 slide

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