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Final Project Report. Analytical Report–This is the report that results from the Proposal you wrote, Assignment 1.  Grading Criteria Meets specified length requirements. Contains the elements specified for the analytical report. Is paginated correctly. Presents a well-developed title page. Includes a cordial, well-developed letter of transmittal. Includes an informative abstract describing the key points of the report. If appendices are included, they are clearly labeled and are referenced in the body of the report. Tailored to the audience. Contains a thesis, or purpose, statement. Presents information from the required number of sources, cites this information in the text using in-text citations, and presents the sources in citations in a References section at the end of the report. Cites information following APA guidelines. Presents a clear, convincing, and developed description of the problem and solution. Supports ideas with credible information from research. Describes and interprets findings. Presents the conclusions drawn from the findings. Defines technical terms and phrases as needed. Introduces and integrates into the text any graphics used and cites any graphics from other sources. Presents graphics that are not simply decorative but that support the content of the report. Chunks information appropriately. Is consistent in its design. Uses meaningful headings as needed. Is logically organized with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Is coherent. Uses varied, effective sentence structure. Contains no sentence structure problems. Employs clear, concise, formal language appropriate for the readers. Contains no grammatical or spelling errors. Here are the required components for the report: Title Page Letter of Transmittal Table of Contents Informative Abstract Body of Report References Your report must include at least one graphic in the text. You must include a minimum of five sources including Internet resources. You must identify sources within the text of your document and in a reference list at the end. For all citations, use the American Psychological Association (APA) style guidelines or MLA id you are more comfortable using MLA. MAKE CERTAIN YOU FOLLOW the template given you. The minimum length is 2,500 words for the body of the report (not including the title page, letter of transmittal, table of contents, abstract, references, and any appendices).

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