Mr. L.B is a 58 year old Caucasian male who comes in the clinic with a complaint of intermittent cough for the past four days.  It started out as a dry cough but over the past two days, he has started coughing up thick pale yellow phlegm.  He thinks he has had a fever but he has not actually taken his temperature.  He is a smoker but has not been smoking very much the past few days as that seems to make the cough worse.  He has also felt very tired.  He has taken Tylenol off and on and it does help slightly.  About a week and a half ago, he played poker with some friends and one of them was sick.  His wife accompanies him and when you ask them both, they deny that he has had any confusion.Please write the following:Therapeutic intervention:Pharmacological interventionNo pharmacological interventionEducationHealth PromotionDisposition/disease preventionFollow upReflection/conclusion example.docx

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