NR283 Pathophysiology

Week 7: Concept Process Assignment #3  Ebook: Gould’s Pathophysiology for the Health Professions, 6e 6th Edition   The purpose is to integrate basic concepts with systems disorders using analysis in support of critical thinking. Select a pathophysiology concept and systems disorder for which you have not previously completed an Active Learning Template (faculty may decide to assign a specific concept). Complete the three areas of the basic concept template describing this concept in detail. Complete all areas of the systems disorder template Complete an analysis reviewing how the selected concept and systems disorder is related. Can use one reference or more  APA format (7th ed.) and is free of errors Grammar and mechanics are free of errors free of Plagiarism   References: Use your book, the outside source must be within the last 5 yrs, Scholarly Articles,s or Nurse journals within the last 5 yrs.     NR283ConceptProcessAssignmentGuidelines.docxTopicSelectionsforNR283ConceptProcess1.docxbasicconceptform.pdfsystemdisorderform.pdfgoulds-pathophysiology-for-the-health-professions-6th-edition.pdf

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