Evaluate an organization’s strategy, environment, and internal activities using appropriate analytical frameworks (e.g., industry analysis, VRIO, value chain analysis, corporate-advantage concepts) for the purpose of providing recommendations for how a firm can improve its performance relative to its competitors; Generate viable options to specific strategic decisions (e.g., industry positioning, competitive advantage); and Formulate a strategic plan regarding mergers & acquisitions, strategic alliances, diversifications, or international locations from an analysis of archival, corporate-level data. Students will select an organization, identify and evaluate its strategy using class concepts and frameworks, and then provide a set of recommendations based upon these assessments. Specifically: Choose a profit or non-profit organization of interest; Develop and deliver a five-minute / fifteen slide (maximum) presentation that addresses three parts: Summary of company background (e.g., what’s going on and why is this important?) Application of class concepts to identify, interpret, and evaluate challenges facing top management (e.g., how it relates to the topical areas within the class?) Suggestions on strategic improvement that will increase the firm’s performance (e.g., where to go from here: what future areas/advice do you have for managers (3 to 4 topics)?). Slide deck must not be more than 15 slides. PowerPoint Slides will be evaluated using Turnitin. APA Format with Bibliography

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