Assignment: Submit a 600 to 750 word essay that you write on your own about the meaning of one of the assigned poems you read or heard in this lesson. You should begin your analysis with a clear thesis where you set forth the meaning you will discuss in your essay. You will support your idea of the meaning by using examples from the poem itself. You will also note poetic devices and figurative language that contribute to the poem’s meaning, but you will not simply move through a list of poetic devices. Think and write about how the poetic devices work to suggest a meaning/theme. Remember, the poet is not necessarily the speaker or subject of a poem. The speaker is the persona not the author. The poems are not always autobiographical either. For some quick reminders about writing, go to the OWL Purdue writing center site: YYou are not to use any outside sources: books, internet study helps, etc. in tthe preparation or writing of this essay. Your work is to be your original interpretation. As a reminder, here is a list of the poems from which you may choose: • “Introduction to Poetry” by Billy Collins • “Motives and Thoughts” by Lauren Hill • “One Boy Told Me” by Naomi Shihab Nye Essay must be submitted by due date and time listed on course calendar.

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