SECTION ONE: Define 5 of the following terms covering chapters 3-5 of the PEVEHOUSE/GOLDSTEIN text online. We have covered these terms in class and online.                  Neo-Liberalism                 Terrorism + WMD                 Diplomats                 Social Constructivism                 Civil War                 Kant                 Attentive Public                 Decision-makers                 Bureaucratic Model                  Groupthink                 Limited War                 Compellence SECTION TWO: PLEASE WRITE OUT 3 two PARAGRAPH ESSAY FROM THE FOLLOWING CHOICES AVAILABLE. TRY TO STRUCTURE THE INTRODUCTION CONCISELY AND COGENTLY BY ESTABLISHING AN ARGUMENT, BACKING IT UP, AND COMPLETING CONCLUSIONS REGARDING THE ARGUMENT.       1. Which of the three foreign policy decision-making models would be deployed or used by president Trump. Why do you believe this? Explain fully Contrast liberalism and one social theory (post-modernism, Marxism, peace studies, feminism) of international relations. What is the fundamental difference between these 2 theories? Compare realist and one social theory (post-modernism, Marxism, peace studies, feminism) of international relations. What are the fundamental similarities between these 2 theories? Discuss how Marxism is still a relevant theory in the post–Cold War era. Discuss recent political or armed struggles that are driven, at least in part, by significant class issues. Why might it be difficult to separate class issues from other issues that also drive political and arms struggles, such as religion, military power, or political oppression and freedom? Is a male-dominated global political power-structure unavoidable? Why or why not? Using terms central to the chapter’s coverage of feminism to assist your analysis. SECTION THREE: GO AHEAD AND TEST/EVALUATE THE FOLLOWING CLAIM USING A STANDARD ENGLISH ESSAY (FOR NOW) Due to the lack of an international watchman (CAUSE1) due to the rise of global multi-polarity in the post cold war era (CAUSE 2) , and due to the rise of China (CAUSE 3) the United Nations has become the most effective international collective security guarantor of international peace.  InternationalRelationsC04.pdfInternationalRelationsC05.pdfInternationalRelationsC031.pdfGoldstein.10E.PPT.UN.pptGoldstein.10E.PPT.Ch03.LIBSOC.pptGoldstein.10E.PPT.Ch04.FORPOL.pptpevehouse_ch04_lecture.pptxMILITARYFORCEANDTERROR.PPTpevehouse_ch05_lecture.pptx

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