English writing 2 Synthesis Essay please help me to fix the gramma and logic and write a draft for this essay confused since I used translator to write this essay draft.

I’m stuck on a English question and need an explanation. Synthesis Essay (4-5 pages) All good academic writing is a kind of synthesis , or a complex whole formed by combining one or more sources. In reali – ty, anytime you respond to another viewpoint, you are creating a synthesis of materials. Indeed, a research paper is a high – ly complex synthesis of materials—in order to get you prepared for that ultimate goal, you will be writing a synthesis of two articles for this essay. To reiterate, a synthesis essay is basically a sophisticated summary of two sources. The one caveat is that you need to cre – ate a thesis-driven synthesis, which means your essay has to say something unique about the two sources. In other words, it will be driven by your opinion, and you will steer your reader to see things in the sources that enhance your the – sis. A good synthesis does not create an either/or scenario, in other words, you are not pitting one source against the other one, but rather analyzing both in terms of each other. You are also creating a high-level, sophisticated reflection on those two sources, bringing in your own view. Remember, you are an “intellectual” who is taking part of an ongoing societal discourse. You are well qualified to explain, synthesize and react to the materials we have been reading and viewing in class. In addition, your viewpoint is unique and valid. Topics: 1. Look at the way in which Chris in Into the Wild and Timothy in Grizzly Man process their past through wilderness escape. In which way(s) are they both escaping something by leaving their “normal lives”? How does wilderness stand-in for some kind of dysfunction; alternatively, how does it cover or mask some kind of dysfunction? Is it a healthy process for both of them? 2. Are both Werner Herzog in Grizzly Man and John Krakauer in Into the Wild neutral observers? In which ways do they insert themselves in their stories? Are they participant observers? How? 3. How would you discuss the similarities in the way Into the Wild and “Into Thin Air” are written? What are some key points of comparison? In what ways do you think John Krakauer is telling the same story? A different one? His own story? 4. For Timothy and Chris, interpersonal relationships were difficult issues. How would you describe the similarities and differences, and what do those say about the respective subjects? 5. In what ways is the story of “The Truck Stop Killer” also a narrative about going wild? How can you compare the perspectives of the teenage runaway and the young wilderness explorer, Chris? What you need to have: 1. Textual citations from both sources. 2. Clear thesis in the first paragraph. 3. Use of template-based phrasing. View the lists on pages 221-235 (uploaded from “They Say, I Say”. Please place your template-based phrasing in bold or italic typeface in your essay.) 4.A passionateview of your subject, so that your synthesis is more than just a “review of materials.” please add work cited!

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