go go Immigration This week we sharpen our skills related to analyzing published works, and examining different points of view. The topic for this week’s discussion forum is immigration. Immigration (both legal and illegal) is an ever-growing world issue. Viewpoints on immigration vary greatly. Every day there are plenty of good, hard-working, and otherwise law abiding people attempting to cross American borders. The people are, in most instances, looking for a better way to support their families, to be safe in their communities, and to have better opportunities for themselves and for their children.  In your analysis, explore alternative viewpoints regarding immigration. Finding our sources Use EBSCOhost to find the following articles: Stock, M.D. (2013). Military Immigration Issues. Gosolo, 30(5). 38-41. Goldberg, M. (2014). Our Refugee Crisis, Nation, pp. 4-6. Anderson, S. (2012). American’s Incoherent Immigration System. CATO Journal, 32(1) 71-84. Step 1: Analyzing each source For each article, identify the purpose, or authors’ motives for writing. Identify the strategies that are used to promote the argument. Evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies that are used. Were they logical? Did they sway your opinion on the issue? Step 2: Examining Different Points of View  Write two paragraphs that compare and contrast the articles. What is the purpose of each article? Are the purposes the same or different? What similarities did you find among the articles? Be specific by providing examples Be sure to cite your sources What differences did you find between the articles? Be specific by providing examples Be sure to cite your sources Step 3: Create a References page At the end of your discussion post, create a references page: Type the word “References” Enter a line break Provide the full citation (in APA format) for your selected sources.

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