Econ 2 – Macroeconomic

Your comment has to be more than five(5) sentences, based on researched facts and logical analysis to earn the credit. Global outsourcing, is it good, bad or ugly? In the recent years, we often heard about global outsourcing in US business. Especially, when US economy was sluggish, one of major blames went for Global outsourcing, due to US job loss to overseas. Global outsourcing, is it bad? because US manufacturing jobs went to China or India at the expense of US labors. Global outsourcing, is it good? because US business can take an advantage of cheaper foreign labors to survive like an introduction of new technology such as robot or computer or can attract insourcing from overseas. Global outsourcing, is it ugly? because US business can exploit the sweat shops from overseas. Global outsourcing, is it inevitable like new technology? The robot with artificial intelligence could replace human labors in the future. Do you think that the higher corporate income tax of US encourages global outsourcing? Give us your personal verdict over Global outsourcing.

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