dr rocal 4192 project

I only need to do ICD-10 Computer Software Vendor’s Role –to be completed by one member (2-3 slides) Chapter 13, of the course textbook, is titled “Collaborating Outside the Organization” which is why this chapter has been selected as the focus of the group assignment. The professor will organize students into groups after week 9. The transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 is a current hot topic in the United States Healthcare role, and assuring providers meet the federal regulations is a team effort. For this assignment students will be placed in groups 2 or 3 to a complete a PowerPoint or Prezi (www.prezi.com) presentation following these requirements. The group’s presentation will be exactly (no more or no less) than 5 slides long. The cover slide and reference slides are not included in the slide count. Each student in the group will act in one of the following roles in the ICD-10 transition: the U.S. government, medical provider, and  ICD-10 computer software vendor. For groups with only two students, one student may have to act as more than one role. The slide layout will be this: Cover Slide U.S. Government’s Role –to be completed by one member Medical Provider’s Role –to be completed by one member ICD-10 Computer Software Vendor’s Role –to be completed by one member Outcome/Patient Perspective and Benefits –to be worked on together Ongoing Relationship Maintenance –to be worked on together Reference Slide Students are to indicate which slides they completed by placing their name in the title of the slide the worked on (i.e. The U.S. Government’s Role –Professor Joe Brown). This assignment is NOT to be completed alone.  If a student is having a hard time getting in contact with his or her group members, let the professor know, and you will be placed in a different group. If only two of the three students participate, the two participating students should indicate, to the professor, the third member who did not participate so the person will receive zero points for the assignment. Slides 2-4 should describe the role of each major player and use at minimum two concepts discussed in chapter 13 the player should use to make the partnership successful.  The concepts on each slide should be unique, and this is where the team work comes into play. For example, the government slide and the provider side can’t both say “were focused on delivering accurate information.” Slide 6 should focus on at three concepts discussed in chapter 13 all three entities should do on an ongoing basis to make the ICD-10 process a continued success. Notice the groups will be organized after the FIU deadline for dropping a course has passed. Please, do not request the professor to put you in a certain group or be made aware of your group prior to the conclusion of week 9. A minimum of two external references, other than the course textbook, should be used to complete this PowerPoint slide. The simplest way is to cite where information was obtained to understand the government’s role and a software vendor’s role in the ICD-10 transition. That’s an easy way to get two citations. One presentation should be submitted per group. Creativity (slide design, layout, transitions, pictures, and etc.) counts.

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