Community Profile Project 12-15 pages of text PLUS data tables/graphics

I’m studying for my Sociology class and need an explanation. I’ve prepared the tables and data and the necessary pictures. You only need to analyze them according to the data SOC 270 – Social and Demographic Change Fall 2019 Scardamalia Community Profile Project The purpose of the Community Profile Project is to apply the data access and presentation skills you’ve learned to the analysis of social and demographic change in a community of your choice (usually your home town but any area of interest).Class lectures and assignments have focused on the key factors important to analyzing population change.Now it’s time to bring them together to analyze how your area has grown or declined, how the characteristics of the population have changed, and how your area compares to other areas. You will analyze the following basic demographic, social, and economic characteristics and everyone’s paper will include these four sections: The Aging Process – a required section of your paper Race and Ethnic Diversity – a required section of your paper Household and family formation Nativity and residential mobility Employment and labor force Income and poverty Pick 1 of the following Social Characteristics and 1 of the following Economic Characteristics Social Characteristics Economic Characteristics

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