Business law unit 2 db 2

I’m stuck on a Business Law question and need an explanation. Watch Video Cristina Perez “America’s Best TV Judges Series” Duration: (9:21) User: insiderexclusive – Added: 7/9/08 ShowBiz Dispute Resolution Use this link to watch the video Unit 2 Forum: Private Disputes A MINIMUM of 1 original post — answering the question completely — and 2 quality student reply posts is expected. Discussion grades will be based upon BOTH the quality and quantity of posts. Simple statements like ‘good job’ or ” I agree’ without additional substantive discussion are NOT considered quality reply posts. WARNING: Do NOT ‘copy and paste’ or ‘paraphrase’ excessively another student’s original answer. This is a form of plagiarism and will NOT be tolerated. You may refer to another student’s work in your student reply posts if proper credit is given to the original poster / student.Post in this Forum as follows: What are three differences you can identify between a Trial Court (refer to our Textbook) and Judge Cristina’s television program? [See link provided in this unit.] In terms of the resolution of private disputes, what purpose does Judge Cristina serve? Comment on classmate postings.

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