Assignment 1: Professional Information Accessibility

I’m studying for my Business class and need an explanation. Assignment 1: Professional Information Accessibility Submit: On Canvas as a PDF file Length: 1 page, single spaced, 12pt font Memo Format This assignment should be written as a memo using a memo header (to be discussed in class). You can write the memo in numerical format (addressing each question individually) but please make sure you keep the assignment neat and respond in full to any ques tions posed. You will be expected to complete the following: 1) Talk to your professors, go to the library, or search online to find your chosen field’s monthly or weekly practitioner (not “academic”) magazine. Then, appropriately cite (using APA format — see the APA reference guide on Blackboard) the reference for the lead article of its most recent issue .  An example of a weekly practitioner includes — for Advertising, Advertising Age . 2) Next, go to the homepage of your field/profession’s national or int ernational associ ation and list its name and URL .  Example: PRSA — (Public Relations Society of America is the National Association for PR). 3) W rite a critique of the homepage for your field/prof ession’s national or international association website. Critiques should include the style, layout, and content of the website. Is the website easy to navigate? Is the content info rmative? What types of articles and information is available to visitors on the site ? Is the information useful to future job seekers such as yourselves? This review should be a short paragraph in length. After reviewing the site, write a short paragraph (2 – 3 sentences) listing one new thing you learned about your profession from an article/information posted on the site. Review all information on the site about the members, jobs, articles available, etc. You are reviewing this website as a way to learn more about your future field of work. Find information that could be helpful t o you as a future employee within the field. 4) Check out websites for two firms in your field that you would consider working. After reviewing the sites, compare/critique their homepages with regard to how effectively they communicate relevant informati on. For instance, include whether or not the sites are easy to navigate and locate pertinent information for someone seeking employment (i.e. are there job postings on the site? Is there contact information for HR? Is the mission listed on the website? Can you find the key values and ideals of the organization within the website? Who are the main clients and what are the main products? What is the background and history of the organization?). Along with your review of the sites, make sure you provide the co mpany names and their respective URLs. *** You can complete this assignment with bullet points to denote each section.

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