art 3: Literature Review and Critical Appraisal

I’m working on a Health & Medical question and need guidance to help me study. Week 7: Assignment – Part 3: Literature Review and Critical Appraisal This is part 3 of an assignment. I will provide the first two parts. You will need to give the 5 articles of evidence and review them. Thanks Assignment Prompt This week’s first assignment is STEP 3 – Literature Review and Critical Appraisal. The student will complete the following items and submit a Word doc to the assignment link. Literature Review – Provide the key terms used to guide the search for the evidence and provide at least five (5) summaries of research studies to support the evidence. Critical Appraisal of Literature – Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence, what is known from the evidence and any gaps in knowledge from the research evidence. References – Cite a minimum of five scholarly references within the last 5 years in APA 6th ed format. 2-3 pages in length

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