Approaches towards Negotiation Styles

I’m studying for my Business class and need an explanation. 1. U.S. Approaches to Negotiation a. individualist values b. imagining self and other as autonomous c. independent d. self-reliance. 2. African Approaches to negotiation a. Particular Approaches b. structures of local society. c. Elders have substantial power Write a report with (900 words, double spaced,12 point font, academic resources) 1.Importance of being friendly in building a sense of trust among negotiators. McDonald, J. W. (1996). An American’s View of a U.S. Negotiating Style. International Negotiation, 1(2), 323–326.… 2. research compares the key negotiation tendencies of 108 Turkish and American managers who have been somewhat involved in business negotiations on behalf of their organizations. DEMİRAL, Ö. (2018). A Research On The Differences Between Business Negotiation Styles Of Turkish And American Managers. Ege Academic Review, 18(2), 273–288.… 3. a comparison of negotiating styles of China and the U.S. As the business world becomes increasingly borderless, challenges of competitiveness expand in proportion. Palich, L. E., Carini, G. R., & Livingstone, L. P. (2002). Comparing American and Chinese Negotiating Styles: The Influence of Logic Paradigms. Thunderbird International Business Review, 44(6), 777–798.… 4. The article argues that belief in ancestor spirits, the political importance of the elders and their crucial role as the intermediaries between the ancestors and the living, and the Ibibio Approaches towards negotiating styles belief in the supernatural powers of mbiam (oath) promote conflict resolution and social control in general. Offiong, Daniel A. Conflict Resolution Among the Ibibio of Nigeria. Journal of Anthropological Research, 53, 4, Winter 1997, pp. 423-442. 5. The African Group of Negotiators (AGN) has become a much more significant bargaining coalition in the global climate change negotiations. Roger, C., & Belliethathan, S. (2016). Africa in the global climate change negotiations. International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law & Economics, 16(1), 91–108.…

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