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Any submission to an IRB starts at the beginning. Before even starting on any type of research project, you must have a firm understanding of the process and steps that must be taken doing the entire project. As your research is being conducted, it is imperative that you follow established guidelines. Deviation from the guidelines can hamper or even invalidate research projects. In the past, I have involved an IRB member during the planning stage to ensure the integrity of the project. Be sure to have relevant information available to show the purpose of the research and why it is needed.Compile, understand, and be able to present the obtained information to the member that you are consulting with to ensure that it meets standards. Make sure to cover any issues that might jeopardize or invalidate the research. The initial presentation should be free of bias, but can reflect the passion/reasoning for the project in a way that shows its importance. The would thing that I would not do is hide pertanent information that could come back to jeopardize the project.

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