4000-Year-Old Necklace of Egyptian Pharaoh’s Daughter

4000-Year-Old Necklace of Egyptian Pharaoh’s Daughter


In some ancient civilizations, the symbolism embedded in a work of art could be as informative as text in telling us about the lives of people who lived thousands of years ago. If you click below, you will see a 4000-year-old necklace from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Click to see a closer view of the necklace or to hear a brief discussion of this necklace, once worn an Egyptian princess, from a curator at the museum.

Website: 4000-Year-Old Necklace of Egyptian Pharaoh’s Daughter (Links to an external site.)


Unlike modern jewelry, this necklace was believed to have magical, protective properties. However, the symbolism embedded in the necklace focused on the protection of the pharaoh, not the princess who was wearing it.

Discuss the following: What insight might this give us into male and female roles within the family of the ruler in ancient Egypt?

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