SPTM 612 Opinion Piece

Write an ‘op-ed’ or opinion piece of about at least 300 words related to an issue regarding the major sport event bidding process. Your topic should cut across various sport events and the process that takes place when cities, nations, etc. bid for major events (e.g., Olympic Games, Super Bowl, X-Games, etc.). Focus on a particular event and use the examples you find in your research on how that bidding process was carried out and how that host site was eventually awarded. Was this process fair? Where there other political and sociological factors at work? The objective of this assignment is to be ‘opinionated’ and discuss your views on a contemporary and possibly controversial subject related to the bidding process for sports events. When replying to classmates, be sure to state whether you agree or disagree with their article and explain why. You may look online for examples of other ‘op-ed’ pieces on other topics for guidance on how to structure yours.

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