LTC328 Week 1

LTC328 Week1   Effective Management of Long-Term Care Facilities (3rd ed.), Ch. 3 1.  Which health care professional, discussed in this chapter, should take the lead in assessing the need for a lighted pathway and also educating the staff? 2.  What quality of life factors exist in this case? How were they addressed by installing floor lighting? Elder Rights Protection 3. Read the Elder Rights Protection page on the Administration for Community Living website.   4. Eldercare Read the Eldercare page on the U.S. Department of State website. 5. Administration on Aging Describe the early beginnings of the Administration on Aging and how it came about. 6. Elder Rights and the Older Americans Act Read the statement by Kathy Greenlee from the Administration on Aging before the Special Committee on Aging regarding Elder Rights and the Older Americans Act. Effective Management of Long-Term Care Facilities (3rd ed.), Ch. 4   7. The state’s Supreme Court did not rule uniformly on the four allegations contained in the lawsuit. One of them did not constitute either malpractice or negligence. Provide explanations and identify which allegation(s) constituted ordinary negligence, which one(s) constituted medical malpractice, and which one was neither. 8.  Can any of these be held personally liable? (a) the two nursing assistants, (b) the nurse supervisor, (c) the administrator. Provide explanations.

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