LP5.3 Assignment: Final Paper

Directions for Final Paper This course contains a final paper that is worth 250 points. You are required to write a 2000-2500 word paper, approximately eight-ten pages, that identifies an issue within an organization of your choice, related to one or more topics covered in this class. You will then be asked to develop a risk management plan to mitigate liability for this organization related to these issues. For example, this organization may have had a complaint of some type of discrimination. Please describe the situation, identify relevant laws and company policy, describe how the situation should have been handled, and create a plan to reduce future risk. Your paper should include the following: . A brief description of the situation . Identification of legal issues involved . A review of relevant organization/company policy . A review of applicable laws . A comparison between how the organization handled the situation and how it should/could have been handled . A risk management plan to mitigate the organization’s future liability . Your recommendations to the organization This paper is designed to give you the opportunity to demonstrate your comprehension of human resource law by identifying issues, relating them to the law, and creating plans to reduce organizational liability in the future. You should utilize outside sources when appropriate to support your analysis and recommendations-specifically utilizing corporate information sources, professional journals, peer- reviewed sources, and court cases. Any additional questions should be discussed with your instructor as early as possible during the course. No papers will be accepted after the last day of the course and any papers submitted after the due date will receive a minimum 10% reduction in points for every day late. , Please show all references.

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