HRM 599 week 8 discussion 2 Job Postings and Resume Submission

Create a job posting for the job description you created in Week 7 Assignment 3. Submit your job posting to this discussion board with the Subject titled “JOB POSTING_Insert Job Title_ Insert Your First and Last Name” (i.e., JOB POSTING_HR Supervisor_Jane Doe). Input your job posting directly into the discussion text editor (not as an attachment). Next, reply to another student’s job posting on the discussion board by attaching a single document containing your Cover Letter and Resume for the position. Note: The document containing your Cover Letter and Resume must be in either Microsoft Word or PDF format, as an attachment. Note: Do not include your home address in your Cover Letter and Resume. Note: Only one (1) student should reply to each job posting. Students should consult with their instructor for further direction if all original posts already have a response. Note: Respondents and responders will exchange phone numbers or use Google Hangouts, IM, or other collaboration tools to conduct an interview for this position in Week 10 Assignment 4. They will need to create and submit a form for this interview. Students should review the instructions and criteria for Assignment 4 before creating the interview form and conducting the interview. Note: Before completing this discussion, we recommend that you utilize the Career Resources tab in Blackboard to access Next, submit your resume and cover letter for critique and feedback to and make the recommended revisions before attaching your document to apply for the job posting

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