Final Project- Social Welfare Issue Paper

Select a social welfare issue of interest to you and develop a historical time-line showing how viewpoints about the issue have changed and what social, political and economic factors during the various time periods shaped the way that issue was viewed. You should begin working on this issue at the beginning of the course. This paper is to be formatted in APA style writing and at least 10 pages long. The 10 pages include a cover page, abstract, context of the paper, and a reference page. The paper will also be accompanied by a PowerPoint with sound as if you were presenting your paper to our class. There are instructions attached above that show how to add narration to your PowerPoint. You will also include a Resource Sheet for 3 Agencies or resources that will service your population addressed in your paper. Please find the Resource Face Sheet template above. Social Welfare Issue Paper Grade Components Component Possible Points APA Writing Style

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