EDU 617 week 1 Discussion Introduction to Service-Learning

The following topic(s) will demonstrate the nature of our discussion. In addition to this discussion, you will be asked to craft a 150 word reflection on what you have learned through this conversation and post it to the Reflection Journal. The more active you are in this part of the discussion, the more you will have to draw from in your reflection. You will find three discussion topics for this discussion forum; Topic A, Topic B, and Topic C. Please respond to all three topics in your initial post. Discussion Topic A Tell us about yourself so we can get to know you and so you can get to know others within the class. In your post, include what you believe to be your current knowledge level of this course topic and what you hope to learn before the course is over. Discussion Topic B Discuss how Service-Learning and Civic Engagement are demonstrated in your community by identifying a person(s) or an organization with which you have had personal experience. Discussion Topic C Review the “Preview of Your Final Project” criteria sheet, and share an organization that you would like to spend the class researching and writing about. You may want to have a couple in mind so you keep your options open, but you will want to make your decision by the week two assignment.

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