Community-Based Services

Community-Based Services 1.   What are community-based services? 2.   Who provides community-based services? 3.   What are the patient services most commonly provided by each of the services discussed herein (home health care, hospice care, adult day care)? Long-Term Care: Managing Across the Continuum (4th ed.), Ch. 7 4.   What is senior housing, and how does it differ from other types of long-term care? 5.   Who provides the various types of senior housing?     Adult and Senior Communities 6..  Active adult communities, senior apartments, cohousing, congregate housing, and independent living settings provide a common socioeconomic community with various amenities for a relatively healthy population.   Compare active adult and senior communities.   Community Based Programs 7. What community based programs are available in your area?   (Department of health and senior services web site will help) Explain how community-based programs and services affect independence for the aging population.   Social Support System 8. Explain how social support systems affect quality of care options

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