Analysis of an Emergency Operations Center

The objective of the research paper is to conduct an  analysis of an Emergency Operations Center at one level of government  during a disaster. The research paper consists of a title page,  introduction, body, conclusion, and reference page.  The paper will  consist of nine pages, including a title page and reference page.  The paper will analyze, describe, and evaluate three of the following  criteria:  1. the specific type of disaster (natural or man-made), the  affected area, and vulnerable populations within the demographic area;   2. the design and location of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC);  3.  the operations structure (Incident Command System);  4. the interface  between the federal, state, and local governments;  5. how media  relations are conducted to disperse disaster information to the public;  6. the modes of communication within the EOC and between the public and  private sectors; 7. how stress management was facilitated;  8. the  positive and negative performance of the EOC;  9. what improvements would  you suggest and in what specific areas; and  10. whether or not the  emergency preparedness plan is effective for the hazard.

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