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This week, you will have two Discussions. The first is the regular Discussion. You will need to read a Case Study as preparation for discussion. Then, using information learned in Chapter 4, you will identify and apply concepts and skills from the human services field to the case study. Next, be sure to respond to the Video Discussion Homelessness is a complex issue affecting many in the United States. As a human services professional, you must carefully consider the history of homelessness in this country and work diligently to become advocates for change on this very serious issue in society. Please respond to following: After viewing the California Homeless Youth Project’s videos, discuss your reactions. What did you know about this issue before you watched the videos? How has your awareness of the issue changed as a result of what you learned? Do you think others are aware? How can human service professionals work to educate the public about homeless children and poverty in America?What are the negative stereotypes of the homeless and where do you think they originated?  Discussion responses should be on topic, originalThis is your first Video Discussion of the course. Click the following link to access all of the videos for this course. If you do not immediately see the video assigned for this week, scroll down.  HN115 Videos  Please watch the following video and then discuss how it relates to what you have already learned in this unit. Note that the total running time of all of these videos is less than 20 minutes. Working Poor

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