week 4 assignment

Using the Assistive Technology Plan template, you will create an assistive technology plan for a student with a high incident disability (learning disability, emotional behavior disorder, intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, or other health impairment).  In the chart, identify a learner, the disability, and grade level. In two to three paragraphs, discuss the characteristics of the student.  Include educational strengths and areas of need (academic, communication, social, environmental and curricular access, etc.), family involvement, classroom challenges or concerns, existing supports, and other pertinent information about the student.  You can either use an existing or fictitious student. Based on the description of the student’s needs and disability, identify at least five areas of need related to materials and teaching methods  in the classroom or learning environment, discuss potential barriers or missed opportunities, and then discuss at least two possible solutions to address each area of need.  Your solutions must be research-based and should be cited within the chart.  You must use a minimum of two scholarly sources to substantiate your AT solutions.  Format your paper (including title and references pages) according to APA style guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

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