Week 2 Discussion for Cultural Diversity for the Criminal Justice Professional

Analyze the nature and purpose of respondent superior in the employment relationship The doctrine of respondent superior is central to the employment relationship. Please respond to all of the following prompts: Respondent superior is an axiomatic concept in employment law. As a paralegal working in the worker’s compensation area, it is important to fully understand the nature, purpose, and goals of the doctrine. Define respondent superior in the employment arena.Explain the concept of frolic and detour, and provide an example of each.Discuss whether you think respondent superior is a necessary doctrine in the employment arena? What is the public policy behind the doctrine? Do you think it is fair to the employer?don’t forget your citations in text within the paragraphs if you are using sources and then of course space a middle align References:and the left align the matching the citations in apa format . I will also give you our book that we use:Moran, J.J., Helewitz, J.A., & Cummins, R.R. (2004). Worker’s Compensation & Benefit Law, CCi Custom Edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Custom Publishing.

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