Using val() in jquery to lookup data from a input box according to what’s is selected from

I am having a problem with this script .It adds the data to the html contact field below according to what is selected from the customer field. But when I save the data it saves what is in the contact field in the customer field also. How can I stop this from happening.All the scripts below worked just fine until I added the first one belowThis is the jquery script I am usingfunction updateValue(){  $(‘#contact’).val($(‘#customer’).val());}//update once the page has loaded too$(document).ready(function () {  updateValue();});Here is the two html fields that are being usedThe falling script are how the drop down gets its data for the customer field$( document ).ready(function() {$.ajax({  //create an ajax request to load_page.php  type: ‘GET’,  url: ‘signing.php’,  dataType: ‘html’,  //expect html to be returned  success: function(response){     $(‘.responsesign’).html(response);   //alert(response);  }  }); });SELECT A SIGNING‘;foreach($db->query(‘SELECT * FROM signings WHERE pid = ‘$id’ AND done = 0′) as $row) {   echo ‘‘; }This is the ajax script that sends the data to the php script to save the data from the form// JavaScript Document$(‘#sub’).click( function(event) { //stop the click event from bubbling  event.preventDefault(); $.post( $(‘#myForm’).attr(‘action’),   $(‘#myForm :input’).serializeArray(),   function(info){ $(‘#result’).html(info);  return false; // at end    }); clearInput();}); $(‘#myForm’).submit( function() {  return false; }); function clearInput() { $(‘#myForm :input’).each( function() {  $(this).val(”); });}

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