use the information that I have attached for your guides.

20140519220927final_database_design_document.doc 20140519220944final.accdb Part 1Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that summarizes what you have learned as you developed your database application. Include the following topics on separate slides: • Describe the process that you followed. Include your process for developing the ERD and logical database design, creating the tables, forms, menus, and queries, etc.• Identify and describe those elements of the project that worked well for you• Identify and describe those areas of the project where you encountered issues• Identify and describe steps that you would do differently if you were doing this project again.Part 2Capstone Discussion QuestionPlease post a 150-300-word response to the following discussion question by clicking on Reply.How did the database design document help you in creating your final database project?

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