unit 8 discussion board response

length 400 wordsstudy: Self-Injurious Behavior in Older Adults with Intellectual Disabilities.pdfSelect a research study from the Kaplan Library that documents the use of applied behavior analysis in an attempt to change or modify behavior. Make sure that you select an article that has a graph that effectively shows the data in the results section of the article. Describe the principle of parsimony and how this particular research study fares in meeting the four different criteria of parsimony: (a) brevity, (b) assumptions, (c) observables, and (d) generalities. Evaluate the data and discuss how the type of graph or chart that is used (e.g., scatter plot, line graph, cumulative record, etc.) enables the researcher to convey overall patterns of behavior. Do certain types of graphs or charts lend themselves to parsimony more so than others? If so, which ones and why?

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