UDL Education Principles

1.The promise of UDL is seen when we consider providing access to the curriculum for students from a wide variety of abilities and background.  The UDL framework aligns with inclusionary practices found in today’s schools and assistive technology strengthens the UDL framework to provide a means of learning for students with disabilities.   Watch the video,UDL at a Glance.  After viewing the video and utilizing what you have learned about UDL, reflect on your own learning style. Which one of the three UDL principles (representation, expression, engagement) do you find applies to your own learning strength?  Why?  How would the three principles remove barriers to learning as you progress through your MAED program?   2. UDL and Lesson Planning Examine one of the model UDL lesson plans from the Center for Applied Science Technology (CAST) website,Explore Model UDL Lesson Plans. Evaluate the model UDL lesson plan and explain the various ways it supports learning for all students, including those with disabilities.  Explain how assistive technology is used within the lesson to support teacher pedagogy and/or promote access to learning for students.  Finally, share ways that you might consider enhancing the lesson to strengthen one of the UDL principles (multiple means of representation, engagement, or expression) and the use of assistive technology within the lesson.

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