Transference and Counter-transference

Discussion Question: Transference and Counter-transference At an inpatient residential treatment facility, a depressed client unrelentingly begs the attending consultant for a weekend discharge pass. While begging for the pass, the client states, “You remind me so much of my brother, he was always such an easy going, kind person. Whatever you decide is fine, I trust my brother so much to make wise decisions. You are so much like him so I trust you will make the right decision.” The consultant finally agrees and allows the patient to be discharged. The consultant was aware that the client had attempted suicide two times in the past. The consultant did not take the time to check with the licensed, on-site clinician-in-charge before signing the weekend discharge. First explain, in your own words, issues of transference displayed by the client. Next, discuss whether the consultant acted ethically by allowing the client to be discharged? Is it possible that counter-transference played a part in how the consultant acted? If so, how? What are the other pitfalls facing consultants in the mental health profession? Finally, what ethical guidelines would you follow if you were a consultant in the mental health profession?

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