theory into practice paper(group dynamic, rolls, norms etc.

Need 6-8 pages(excluding cover page) paper. The movie title is sanctum 2011. you can use any resource other than movie too. Requirements are listed below. Incomplete/Wrong works will not accepted.Start by researching your group, identifying their roles, norms, management and leadership style, decision making process, how they were formed, etc. Then, define a situation, crisis or turning point that either strengthened the group or tore them apart. Finally, determine how they worked together. Did the group function successfully or were they dysfunctional?Requirements for Paper:You will submit a 6-8 page paper covering the following elements: Analysis of characters’ group dynamics and communication style Identification of group strengths and weakness Solutions to improve their situation Incorporation of critical thinking, class terminology and theories into the group analysisPapers must be typed using 12 point Times New Roman font and follow APA (American Psychological Association) guidelines and include a References page.

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