The fundamentals marketing discussion

Goya foodIn this Discussion, you will use what you learned about the fundamentals of marketing to define your personal brand. You are a product in the career marketplace, and it is essential that you use fundamental marketing skills to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Networking can play an integral role in building awareness and delivering your personal brand to find opportunities in the career marketplace. A recognized conceptual model that can be used to manage your networking throughout your career is called a personal learning network. To begin the process of defining your personal brand and establishing your personal learning network, follow these four steps:Step 1: View the Kaplan University video regarding the use of Social Networking for your career at: Step 2: View the presentation on developing your personal learning network: Click here.Step 4: In essay format, write your Discussion answer to develop your personal brand and establish your personal learning network using the following instructions:Define your personal brand by establishing your unique selling proposition. Develop a brief marketing mix of you as a person and a product in the career marketplace that interests you. Make sure to provide all Four P’s- Product (you are the product), Price (wages you would expect), Place (location where you would be available), Promotion (how you would promote yourself as a candidate for employment). Outline a framework for establishing your personal learning network. Discuss two types of networking that you will use to effectively distribute and promote your personal brand, and provide reasoning for your choices.

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