Submit Three Lesson Plans for a Specific Content Area or Grade Level

Representative Lesson PlansSubmit three lesson plans for the content area and/or grade level you hope to teach.  The lesson plans should be ones that you feel represent meaningful teaching and learning.  You do NOT need to create original lesson plans for this assignment, although you may submit plans that you have created or used in the past.  You may also submit lesson plans from the Internet (include link and references) or other resources, as long as you cite them appropriately.A typical lesson plan template is included here. If you are not familiar with lesson planning, please see the following recommended resources for this course: Planning a Successful Lesson When a Lesson Goes Wrong Strategies for Effective Lesson Planning   Read Six Common Lesson Planning Pitfalls: Recommendations for Novice Educators for content that will help you complete the tasks for each lesson plan outlined below.For each plan, identify and describe the following:What standards are being addressed?  Are these appropriate standards for the course?  Why or why not?*Note: If you are not yet familiar with your state content standards or the Common Core standards, research these first and use them to address this item.What assessment(s) are being used to give the teacher information regarding student learning and understanding?  Will the teacher be able to know where all students are in relation to the learning goals from the assessments that are outlined in the plan?  Be sure to consider formative and summative assessments (refer to the recommended readings if you need more information on formative and summative assessments).*Note: Refer to examples and information from the Six Common Lesson Planning Pitfalls: Recommendations for Novice Educators within our justification and explanation as appropriate.What are students asked to do?  How do the activities in the lesson effectively engage and prepare students to meet the learning goals? Define and compare the common elements for all the plans.  Using specific examples, justify why you think these lessons would be effective in the classroom.

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