Students are harmed by their dependence on personal digital technology (laptops

I need help with a research paper on this topic (Students are harmed by their dependence on personal digital technology (laptops, smart phones, etc.)Create a list of 6 sources that you will find useful in developing your topic as you write about it in the next paper.Each source must be listed as a reference citation. You should follow each reference citation for the 6 sources with a short paragraph of 3–4 sentences in which you comment on the source. You should comment on the author’s main points and how the source may be of use to you when writing your paperSample of the format I need a outline done for the paper as wellTopic: Gun control in AmericaThesis: The ultimate form of gun control should be enacted: repeal the Second Amendment.(The thesis of an argument or persuasive essay should clearly state your position on the topic.)Main point 1 (includes the counterpoint before the main point): First, the right to bear arms is a cherished ideal on which this country was founded over 200 years ago. However, it is time to repeal the Second Amendment because America is no longer a frontier nation that needs citizen militias to battle hostile natives and invading countries. (Develop your main point in the body paragraph.)Main point 2: Second, the right to bear arms should be repealed because America’s murder rate is higher than all other developed nations. (Developthis in the body paragraph.)Main point 3: Third, the right to bear arms should be repealed because citizen-owned guns do not prevent crimes. (Develop this in the body paragraph.)Conclusion (includes counterpoint): Once upon a time in America, every citizen needed a gun. That time has passed.All parts of the assignment is for the research paper. I need the 6 sources and the outline completed first.

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