student success strategies -lbsu 100

The purpose of this assignment is to create a specific plan to succeed as you continue in your education.  Before you begin writing:Select at least 3 strategies that you already implement in order to succeed (if you are taking other classes already) or that you believe you can easily implement (if this is your first class). Select at least 3 strategies that you do not implement and wish to implement, but you believe you will have difficulty doing so. Think of it like a New Year’s resolution, but, this time, you must make it realistic and really do it.Then…Write an introduction describing the strategies you selected above and explain why you selected them.Create headings for all 6 strategies.For the first 3 (those you implement or can easily do so), discuss how you implement them already and how you will assure that you will continue to do so.  You may know that you can easily use these strategies, but you may neglect to do so.  Describe a plan to assure you keep these strategies foremost in your plan for success.For the next 3 (those you do not implement but wish to start), write a plan for how you will implement them AND keep them foremost in your plan for success.Now, predict the barriers you believe may keep you from fulfilling this plan and explain how you will overcome those barriersConclude with a plan to refer back to this course to support your work in other classes. You may add how it might support you in other areas of your life as applicable.This plan should be a minimum of 7 single spaced pages with 1 inch margins and a font size equivalent to 12 points in times new roman.

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