Statistics Problems Sets

Hi. This is the first time I use the webpage, Sorry for any inconveniance. In a few weeks I will start a QNT 561 (Applied Business Research & Statistics) course. I will need help with 6 problems sets (one per week). I will upload one by one, so you will have around a week to finish each of them. What I need is that your answers must be delivered in an EXCEL file with used formulas. The reason behind this is that the instructor will perform other quizes in the classroom. So I want to use your excel file answer for that. I can get the correct answer just changing the data. The selected genius must be excellent not only is statistics, but also in excel software. I tried to find some of you but I did not see any statistics specialist. So you can wirte me and I will add you as my genious and In two or three week I will start uploading problems sets. Waiting for you Thanks in advanced

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