SRM325: Case Research in Sports & Rec Management

All I need is for some one to response to this discussion. A student in my class post this all I need is the response.The four operational structures that a sports league could operate on are, Club Based private property Structure, Single Entity Centrally Planned Structure, Mixed Mode Centrally planned structure and the Mixed Mode private property structure. After researching each personal structure I decided that the most beneficial for my league, a developmental semi-professional basketball league would be the mixed mode private property structure or the traditional structure. My first reason would be its proven success rate within the four major sports. My goal wouldn’t be to compete with the NBA, but maybe develop relationships with some of the owners and create a system of sorts where they use our league as a pool of players that they pull from first when looking for new talent. Another reason would be financial stability. The likelihood of attracting investors increases when they have the ability to actually have control over their own individual club. Ownership is always attractive and it speaks to our competitive nature. I believe that with our league being a non-profit developmental league with our concentration being on getting players to the NBA, we would avoid the possibility of lawsuits and disagreements over property rights.

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