Solve Two Mathematical Questions Showing the Steps Clearly

1. Here is a message to you in which I am using RSA system with pulic key n = 2773 and encryption key e = 157.0245  2040  1698  1439  1364  1758  0946  08811979  1130I have broken my original message into pairs of characters and converted these pairs to numbers as we did in the text. For example, the word ‘MATH’ would be broken into ‘MA’ and ‘TH’ that would be converted to the numbers 1301 and 2008, respectively, and encrypted. Figure out the decryption key d, decrypt the message and answer the question that it asks.RSA Cryptosystem table.ABCDEFGHIJKLM01020304050607080910111213NOPQRSTUVWXYZ14151617181920212223242526Euler’s theoremC(pq) = (p-1)(q-1)n = pq = 2773*157 = 435,361C(n) = c(pq) = (p-1)(q-1) = 2772*156 = 432,432encryption E(M) = M^e mod nM^157 mod 435,361decryption D(N) = N^d mod nN^d mod 435,3612. Use mathematical induction to prove that for every n >= 1, if a set has n elements, thenits power set has 2^n elements.Must Show all Works and proper steps and signs.

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